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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The story of the King stirring up his own army; part 2

This is true and today's story is part -2

The story of the King stirring up his own army; part 2

First attack in the back

Akashhi flew for 40 years freely. There was no one to stop him. But there were some people who got annoyed with Akashi's arrogance. He wanted to teach him a lesson so that he remained a man. In such a situation, Akashi faces suddenly the sensible king of another state. He was an alien, was an attacker in the state of Akashi and on the call of such a person, he entered the state of Akashi, who was tortured with Akashi. This Pardesi attack was so precise, strategic and terrible that it had already broken the skyline in the attack and showed the stars during the day. The vanity of power has been shattered. Akashi fell to the ground. The power started to fall. There was a panic in Akashi's warships. This is the matter of the last decade of the 20th century.Although Akashi first came to mind in the attack, the army of Akashi was very capable and strong in its work. So this army showed Akashi again in office within a decade. But this was possible only because of Jabanz army of Akashi. There was no reason for this.This was the time when the age of Akashi's age was on the slopes and his third reading had started to revive the dream of power. Gradually, Akashi passed away to the third generation and went to the shelter of spirituality, but his love remained intact.Readers Attack in the next installment ...

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