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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The story of the King stirring up his own army; Part-1

This is true and today's story is Part-1The story of the King stirring up his own army
once upon a time. There were two kings. Both different, nature also quite opposite, but work one. One of these could fill the sky (Akashi or Hawaii also say), but its scope was just a state.The second was the owner of a far-off state. But his eyes always remained on the market (i.e., on the ground, not on the sky). It was a sensible, catching on the market and recognizing the pulse of time. The attacks of this king were so precise and terrifying that the enemy did not get the chance to handle it.Akashi was proud of that in the era of absolute power in the state that there is no one like him. It's a matter of second generation of Akashi. This person from the second generation of Akashi does not understand anything to anyone. Used to explain himself as Brahma, Leader, self god ​​etc. But Akashi also had a good habit that he did not bother anyone and he also thought of the goodness of his companions.But then what happened that Akashi's power came to an end and he continued to lose a lot. Stay connected to know this with us .....

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