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Friday, July 28, 2017

Kabir Panth's thousands of followers have great offers people free food

Kabir Panth's thousands of followers have great offers people free food

Man whose service did not dominate the expressions of people very little money in the world that are not worth the money. The importance of those services and achieve a different position in society. Such people are called perfect society. Today we are going to tell you about one such person.

Alwar resident Amar Chand Meena such person. They also got a lot of money after retirement from army. But parents, they all their money at once say gave them. So after the whole job again Meena were empty-handed.
Free seating is a good idea to work. Meena thought and opened a DHABA on mega highway called Faujiraj.
DHABA begin to run well but some time later began to lack of customers.
Strong Heart amar chand meena are not considered and defeated and caryon. One day some saints of kabirpant came of his elder brother.
Amar asked her mother that who they are and what is happening here. Mom said Kabir wing Sage compatible and they have a meeting each month here.
The cost of the meeting was taking his brother. That used to spend eating many people. Mom said you also do this for good busness. then amar chand decided same.
Meena has decided that they provide free food on the last Sunday of the month. At first people did not know, but after so many people were growing crowd that began to arrive this Sunday. Today here Meena did not know how many people he has a free meal.

Other verbally their story here Listen Meena in this video.

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